Puzzle Piece Theatre serves the community through storytelling that reimagines what is possible in live performance.

Why Puzzle Piece?

Your point of view is the only one that matters. In theatre a group of artists come together to tell a story and their vision has a unified perspective. The meaning of their work is the impression it leaves on you, the audience member. No two people who take in one of our productions will agree fully on its meaning – that is what inspires us. Our artists put the pieces into place through storytelling, only you can interpret the final image.

Piece By Piece

DB Schroeder, originally from St. Louis Missouri, was the Artistic Director of Chicago's Thunder and Lightning Ensemble from September 2004- November 2008. He left the company due to a family matter but it wasn't long before he started thinking about the future of his career. His tenure at Thunder and Lightning had been both professionally and personally rewarding but DB felt that he could find new ways to have audiences interact with theatre. He quickly determined that to have a meaningful impact he would need to leave Chicago and join a new Arts community. His search brought him to Detroit.

“I often tell people I'm not from Detroit, I married it” says Schroeder whose wife is from the Motor City. “When the idea for Puzzle Piece started to come together and I was thinking over where would be the right place I kept coming back to Detroit. Detroit is a place willing to take risks and experiment with new ideas, what better environment is there to create?” DB and the founding board members incorporated Puzzle Piece Theatre in May 2011. After a year spent learning about the City first-hand and listening to community members Puzzle Piece launched its community programming in the Summer of 2012 as part of the FIGMENT Detroit Art festival with an interactive imagining of the folktale Stone Soup. It wasn't long before the community took notice of the new company and Puzzle Piece Theatre was named the first recipient of Kiva Detroit's Zip loan. With funding in place Puzzle Piece Theatre produced its first main-stage production in February of 2013 with the Michigan premiere of Anthony Clarvoe's Show and Tell. The company continues to bring provocative and thought provoking work to Southeast Michigan.