What's our story?

Puzzle Piece Theatre serves the community
through storytelling that REIMAGINEs
what is possible in live performance.

Why Puzzle Piece?

Your point of view is the only one that matters.
In theatre, a group of artists come together to tell a story.
Their vision has a unified perspective.
The meaning of this work is the impression
it leaves on you, the audience member.

No two people will take in one of our productions
and agree fully on its meaning—that is what inspires us.
Our artists put the pieces into place through
our unique way of storytelling.
Only you can interpret the final image and what it means to you.
We're all part of the same big amazing puzzle!


This is the play that will lighten and brighten your heart. It’s imaginative, well-crafted, and guaranteed to stay with you long after the show is over.
— Daniel Skora, It's All Theatre

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